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From the days of his childhood, Bob Dylan has been a Bob Ddylan Guitar Tab poet. When Dylan was young he wrote poetry and sang. Bob Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman, was born in Duluth, Minnesota on May 24, 1941. He grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota, where his love for poetry came out as a young child. When Dylan became a teenager his bob dylans guitar love for music drove him further, and he taught himself how to play both Bob Ddylan Guitar Tab guitar and piano. Elvis Presley, Little Richard, as well as folk singers Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie were all mentors of Bob Dylan, and all held a part in how he learned and played his music.

During the time when Bob Dylan went to the University of Minnesota in 1959, he played in small clubs always talking about a great trip across America. Little did he know but his life was to become that very trip.
About the time when he was in college he changed his name to Bob Dylan. This may have been in honor of the poet Bob Ddylan Guitar TabThomas, but it also just sounded cool  about the bob dylan guitar tab to him.

In ’61 the music overpowered Dylan and he dropped out of high school to go to New York to become a professional musician, as well as to meet his idol, Woody Guthrie. In Greenwich Village Dylan played Bob Ddylan Guitar Tab in small pubs and coffee houses where he soon made a name for himself.

By this time he had bob dylan guitar strap already established his nasal voice of bob dylan guitar strap that made him sound older than he was; this new style had not quite been heard before in the folk realm and, lyrically, his music stretched beyond any folk music of that time.

Though New York was mostly a time of joy,  also experienced a time of sadness. One of the all time musicians of his life was being taken from the world. Woody Guthrie was dying of Huntington’s disease. Though the disease was claiming Woody fast, Dylan still came to meet him. He went to the hospital and played songs of his own to Woody.

One night a gig at Gerde’s in the Village changed everything. A story written about his performance was put in the New York Times, and word got around to John Hammond, a Columbia A&R man. John Hammond soon produced Dylan’s first album, which was a collection of folk and blues standards with only two originals.This sparked a writing frenzy streak in Dylan’s life and he began to write songs like mad. Two years later, to everyone’s surprise, he released his next album, Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, containing all original songs.

Bob Dylan has toured for over twenty years and still tours the world even though his ability to play guitar has been taken away from him by arthritis.I play  guitar and, as a musician, I fully understand the power and strength of Bob Dylan’s songs. Where would rock n’ roll be without Bob Dylan? Many say lost. As a lyricist, Dylan overpowered any former folk music of his time.

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