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Dawn Peterson said her father asked the management company what to do with the Bob Dylan Guitar Chords guitar and nobody ever responded.Last year, she took it to the PBS television show History Detectives to have it authenticated. The programme enlisted the expertise of Andy Babiuk, a consultant to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and owner of an upstate New York vintage instrument shop, and Jeff Gold, a Dylan memorabilia expert. Both men unequivocally declared it to be Dylan’s guitar.

Babiuk took the instrument Bob Dylan Guitar Chords apart and compared it to close-up colour photos of the guitar taken at the 1965 festival.

“I was able to match the wood grain on the body of the guitar … and the unique grain of the rosewood fingerboard. Wood grains are like fingerprints: no two are exactly alike,” Babiuk said. “Based on the sum of the evidence, I was able to identify that this guitar was the one that Bob Dylan had played in Newport.”

Christie’s is also selling five lots of hand- and typewritten lyric fragments for early versions of some of Dylan’s most famous dylan tabs guitar songs, which were found in the guitar case. They have a pre-sale estimate of $3,000-$30,000.

The lyrics include In the Darkness of Your Room, an early draft of Absolutely Sweet Marie from Dylan’s Blonde  on Blonde album, and three songs from the 1965 recording session that were not released until the 1980s: Medicine Sunday (the draft is titled Midnight Train), Jet Pilot and I Wanna Be Your Lover.

lawyer and publicist did not respond to requests for comment. Dylan and Peterson, who declined to be interviewed, recently settled a dispute over the items. The terms were not disclosed.

Dick Boak is a long-term employee of Martin Guitars. Over the years he has written and co-written several books about guitar , detailing their 175-year legacy as one of the world’s finest bob dylan j200 guitar makers. Most recently Boak has published a two-part book with Richard Johnston, Martin Guitars: A History and Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference. The books cover the rich history about Martin guitars, their makers, and the people who play them, and also include pages upon pages of information about Martin guitar bodies, necks, headstocks, bridges, woods, models, the custom shop, and limited edition instruments.

We spoke with Boak recently to try and dig up a little history about Bob Dylan and his relationship with Martin Guitars.Well, to my knowledge, Dylan’s first guitar from his early days, when he showed up in New York City, was a 1949 00-17 – no doubt inspired by the small bodied 00 sized Martin guitars that Woody Guthrie played. Woody Guthries’ Bob Dylan Guitar Chords often played the small 00-17s, 00-18s, 0-17s. Woody would often call [for a new guitar] and after a month or two he would give the guitar to a young musician and get another bob dylan j200 one. Dylan was no doubt aware of this and probably picked up the 1949 00-17 as a nod to Woody. We believe he got it in 1959 in MinneWe got that from his book, Chronicles. He apparently traded in his electriapolis. c guitar for the Martin acoustic.

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