Bob Dylan Guitar Lessons

Bob Dylan Gibson

Singer. Songwriter. Poet. Visionary. Genius. Bob Dylan, 71, has been characterized many ways of Bob Dylan Guitar Lessons, but rarely as a career coach or an etiquette teacher. After all, this is the man who at 21 abruptly cancelled his historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show after being told that he could not play the edgy song he wanted, and who was accused of selling out at 63 when he appeared in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. But journalist Jon Friedman makes a convincing case that Dylan’s quirky ways are worth emulating in his new book, Forget About Today: Bob Dylan’s Genius for (Re)invention, Shunning the Naysayers, and Creating a Personal Revolution.

There was a cowboy artist named Tex Fletcher, whose D-42 guitar we have in our museum. It’s quite a rare  Bob Dylan Guitar Lessons guitar. Tex Fletcher had his name in a lettering style on the fingerboard that Bob particularly liked, so we made at least two guitars with “BOB DYLAN” in that lettering style in mother pearl in the fingerboard. Pretty flashy. He also always liked different woods. We used Engelmann spruce on a lot of guitars that were customized for him – it gives it a more punchy sound. He also liked the Herringbone 28 a great deal, often with a ‘vintage-y’ flair, with herringbone bindings. Always scalloped braces. Always ebony fingerboards and bridges.

And then the Negative Bob Dylan Guitar Lessons with the white pickguards – that was a Herringbone D-28 in almost exact reverse. It was inspired by a light table I was working on with black and white negatives of the Herringbone 28 and it just occurred to me, “this would look great reversed.” That’s where the idea came from. I think he liked that most of the guitars were natural tops, not sunburst.There are moments in each concert where he seems to shine.

I remember him doing a version of “Gates of Eden” with Bob Dylan and The Band and that was just a really, really great version. But, I’m one of those people who love his music tremendously and his songwriting and want him to shine in concert and he doesn’t always do that. Ha ha. He goes where he wants to go and that’s not exactly always where the audience wants him to go the paly the Bob Dylan Guitar Lessons. You know what I’m talking about for sure. But that’s also what makes him “him!”

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