Bob Dylan Sj 200

Bob Dylan Sj 200

By Stephen Pate – I got word yesterday that the Gibson Bob Dylan Sj 200 Player’s Edition are in stock in Toronto.“Stephen, Dylan guitars just arrived in our suppliers warehouse, not sure how long they will have some.”

I know that’s true because had 7 a week ago and now there are only 4 left.Long and gibson Bob Dylan Sj 200 is the Gibson distributor in Canada. They told me they don’t expect the guitars to be put into inventory in their stores. They got so few that they will be on customer order only.There is also a signature version of the same Bob Dylan Sj 200 guitar with rosewood back and sides for $10,000 US. Only specialty guitar shops will carry the autographed model.

The gibson sj-200 bob dylan Player’s Edition will appeal to Bob Dylan fans but also to guitar lovers and players because it’s just a little nicer version of the popular J-200 jumbo acoustic at slightly higher price as a regular J-200.

He played George Harrison’s SJ-200 for the album Nashville Skyline. You can tell it’s a J-200 from the round warm guitar sound Dylan gets on the album.Of course Dylan has played Bob Dylan Sj 200 hundreds of guitars but this one is the one Dylan picked to put his name on.The Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition is the first guitar Bob Dylan has endorsed.

A Bob Dylan Sj 200 is a large guitar with a sound to match. Gibson has always put extra effort on this guitar and it’s become a favorite of artists like Emmylou Harris, Neil Young, Ray Whitley, Gram Parsons, John Prine, the Everly Brothers, Pete Townshend, Stompin Tom Connors, Cheryl Crowe, Ronnie Wood, and George Harrison. You can tell these are all artists with that “country” or “roots” sound.

The limited production run of these guitars will not be repeated and within a short time it will be hard to find them. The Woody Guthrie Gibson SJ disappeared within a year. Same with the Keb Mo small body blues guitar. Gibson builds a great guitar and along with the artist cache, people buy them and keep them forever.The production quality of Gibson and Fender guitars for that matter is so high now that I have bought almost every new Bob Dylan Sj 200 guitar in the past few years on the internet.

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