Gibson Bob Dylan

Gibson Bob Dylan

Bobby Long is a Gibson Bob  singer on the rise. The British musician first came to prominence when he co-wrote “Let Me Sign,” a song his friend Robert Pattinson sang in the movie Twilight. He went on to make an acoustic record in his bedroom, Dirty Pond Songs, that topped iTunes Unsigned chart. Long has since been signed by ATO Records and his new album, A Winter Tale, comes out on February 1. He’ll also be promoting the release on tour, which begins January 24 with appearances at the Sundance Film Festival. For tour dates  visit Long recently took time out of his busy schedule to chat about the new record, his favorite Gibson Bob Dylan guitarists and his love for the instrument he first saw on the cover of a Bob Dylan record: the Gibson J-200.

When I recorded the album in my bedroom, I hadn’t gone into it thinking it would be a proper album, rather just a collection of the  Gibson Bob Dylan songs I’d written so far. My new record was recorded with a full band in a studio and obviously has a much bigger sound than the first easy bob dylan guitar songs which was all acoustic.

I’m a fan of Gibson Bob Dylan The White Stripes, but that wasn’t the only factor in deciding. Me and Liam immediately got on really well, and we both enjoyed the same kind of music. His studio is just down the road from where I lived in London, and luckily he was enthusiastic about recording with me as well. He’s a really lovely guy.

“Then it was more dangerous to do that sort of thing. There were people trying to stop the show any way they could… Then, you didn’t know which end the trouble was coming from. And it could come at any time.”Bob once said, this was true. People, both police and civilians, would go to the extreme to stop the message from getting to the people. The message of peace and of the ending of war. Easy bob dylan Gibson Bob Dylan guitar songs took guts to get up and play on stage.

It also took guts to get on stage for other reasons as well. For me it always used to be a struggle to go up and play for people. To get up and say what you have to say, to give your gift to the audience full of life and power takes guts. Any performer will say so.In collaboration with Bob Dylan, Gibson Brands is proud to announce two very special dylan guitar chords acoustic guitars: the limited edition Bob Dylan Autographed SJ-200 Collector’s Edition, and the Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition.

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