Gibson J-160e Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar

gibson j-160e standard acoustic-electric guitar

Richard Barone may not be a household name, but he’s played or produced music with Lou Reed, Donovan, Pete Seeger, Tiny Tim, the Monkees and Al Jardine of the Beach Boys, to name just a few. He first Gibson J-160e Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar drew attention as the frontman for the Bongos, a Hoboken, N.J.

band with an enthusiastic following in the 1980s. Barone then went on to a critically acclaimed solo career, releasing a distinctive album, “cool blue halo,” with songs done in a style he calls “chamber pop” that features acoustic guitar, vibes and cello, in 1987.Two more solo albums of Gibson J-160e Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar followed before Barone shifted his focus to songwriting and producing, but he’s always loved performing. On Friday, he’ll be in Peterborough for a show at Harlow’s Pub, a stop on a tour that’s taking him to venues he’s never been to before.

“When I toured, we did 300 shows a year for seven years, but I still find places where I’ve never played Gibson J-160e Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar . I look for those, because it keeps it all new for me,” said Barone, who lives in New York City’s Greenwich Village, in a phone interview last week.Barone, who wrote a book titled “Frontman: Surviving the Rock Star Myth” about his years with the Bongos, has described the group’s first album as an “unusual combination of tribal rhythms, Beatlesque chord changes, and Sex Pistols overdrive.”“We were a big MTV favorite at the start of the new wave era,” he said.

The band dissolved quietly in the late ’80s, although they got back together for a recording session and a series of reunion concerts in 2006, including an outdoor event in Hoboken where they were given keys to the city.“My music’s taken many paths,” Barone said. “My solo albums were each very different, and now I’m doing my tours like a troubadour, just telling stories and doing my songs.”

Barone said it won’t be an acoustic show. “I play a Gibson J-160e Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar. It’s an acoustic electric guitar, the model John Lennon played. My sound’s a little more electric pop. I’m not a folk singer.”Barone is also a music producer, who in 2010 hosted a concert called “Reclaim the Coast” in New York City, which featured Pete Seeger, the Roches and others and benefitted the clean-up efforts after the Gulf Coast oil spill.

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