Gibson J 160e Price

gibson j 160e price

In 1954 Gibson J 160e Price introduced a flat top jumbo acoustic – electric guitar and called it the gibson j-160e , the guitar gained popularity in 1962 when George Harrison & John Lennon from the beatles made it their standard acoustic guitar until 1968.Although the gibson j-160e was made famous by the beatles it does not have that distinguished full tone sound of a jumbo guitar , they had laminated tops and ladder bracings to cut feedback hence giving it less sustain and a flatter acoustic tone .

the newer models of  Gibson J 160e Price today (Gibson J 160e Price  ) are considered superior in sound because of their solid top, back and sides which gives the guitar more sustain and an overall bigger and brighter tone compared to their vintage cousins.vintage gibson j-160The vintage j-160e guitars paved the way for their new models of today which are very competitive to the martin d-28 and in my opinion sounds brighter & better Gibson J 160e Price.Despite its poor quality tone the vintage j-160e’s are still collectible and sought after due to their history . Was also the first gibson flat top with an adjustable bridge .

In Gibson J 160e Price had a 16″ wide body , was round shouldered , adjustable bridge , trapezoid inlays on rosewood fingerboard , solid spruce top , had a mahogany back and laminated mahogany sides , ladder bracing , adjustable pole pickups , had 19 frets, teardrop pre war style pickguards , crown peghead inlays and were made in sunburst finishes .In 1955 Gibson J 160e Price started making j-160e guitars with laminated spruce tops and 20 frets Small changes were made throughout the 60s until 1969 when the j-160e was a square shouldered dreadnought guitar and had non adjustable saddles .

In 1972 the j-160e was fitted with a three point pickguard and featured small block inlays . The guitar was discontinued in 1979 .In 1991 gibson reintroduced the Gibson J 160e Price with a solid spruce top and mahogany back/sides , a p-100 stacked coil humbucking pickup , upper belly on the bridge with no adjustable saddles , were made in vintage sunburst colors and were discontinued in 1997 .On Friday, Barone will be working with The Mendition of the Quay, which features Mike Jackman of Rindge on drums.

70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e

70th anniversary john lennon j-160e

John lennon plays greatest hits john lennon j160e-160e 70th, Dan wean covers john lennon’s greatest hits! gibson john lennon 70th anniversary j-160e sunburst ( gibson john lennon 70th anniversary. 【池部楽器店】gibson 70th anniversary john lennon , ギブソン・アコースティック・ゼネラル・マネージャー、デニス・オブライエン氏と同社­営業部長ロビ・ジョンズ. john lennon j-160e peace | ebay – electronics, cars, fashion, Find great deals on ebay for gibson j-160e in acoustic electric guitar. shop with confidence.. Gibson, Gibson brands, inc., the world’s premier manufacturer of musical instruments and professional audio equipment.. 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e acoustic models 2009 – -200, Arlo guthrie lg-2 3/4: d.yoakam honky tonk deuce: elvis presley dove: elvis presley king of rock john lennon j-160e peace: l-200 emmylou harris: robert johnson l-1.

Gibson -160e 70th anniversary museum – thomann, Gibson j-160e 70th anniversary john lennon museum westerngitarre, round shoulder, fichten decke laminiert, boden & zargen mahagoni, multi-ply decken binding, single. クロサワ楽器 |70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e, Custom specifications 70th anniversary john lennon mop headstock signature 70th anniversary mop engraved 12th fret birth date of john lennon. Gibson guitars sale web – upated live – , Or browse these custom designs top 10 favorites. j 250 monarch guitar. john lennon 70th anniversary 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160emuseum. custom don felder “hotel california” 1959 les.

he recorded Seeger performing a new song with 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e about the spill, “God’s Counting On Me, God’s Counting On You,” aboard Seeger’s Hudson River sloop, “Clearwater,” and recently recorded another song associated with Seeger, “If I Had a Hammer,” sharing the vocals with Jardine.He’s also a professor at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, although Barone said the title’s a bit of an exaggeration.

“I teach stage presence, once a week, at NYU. It’s my neighborhood university,” he said. “I was really honored to be asked. The class is based on myblood Whenever Barone plays a new venue, he likes to work with a local band, which will back him on several songs during his set.

“The 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e Bongos were an instant band,” Barone said. “Their songs are really great for a band to sink their teeth into. I’ll get together with a local group and we’ll go over the songs. It brings the house down every time. It’s also giving credit to the community. Why not showcase the great musicians in each location?”

John Lennon J-160e

John Lennon J-160e

It was 18 years ago John Lennon’s flat top acoustic guitar used in the Beatles was first displayed to the public at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

DJ Cerphe Colwell was there for the unveiling of Lennon’s guitar, and will never forget it.“I stood there for about an hour just staring at it, just thinking about how many hearts and ears were awakened by that Gibson J 160E guitar. Really magical stuff,” says Cerphe, whose show is heard on Eco Planet Radio.Cerphe was one of the participants when the Rock and Roll Hall opened its doors in Sept. 1995, displaying priceless artifacts used by legendary musicians.

Lennon’s guitar, which was donated by wife Yoko Ono, had been personalized by the Beatles’ leader.“I really liked the artwork drawings that John did on the wooden body of the guitar, but it was the fretboard and the pick marks and the gouges on the wood and tuning keys that really fascinated me,” says Cerphe.

“The strings looked like they hadn’t even been replaced.The low-tech simplicity of Lennon’s guitar was striking to Cerphe, who rose to fame with WHFS and DC10.“I wish I had a time machine, because this was taking me back to a time where there were no lasers, or smoke machines, or autotune, or twerking,” Cerphe said.

In the age of technology where computers can create or manipulate music out of silence, “I was looking at something that was a part of keeping the human element, where music sounds like people, and people playing real instruments,” says Cerphe.

Lennon’s guitar remains “one of the most precious artifacts that we have in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s collection,” according to curatorial director Howard Kramer.According to the Hall’s website Lennon originally got the Gibson in 1964 to replace an identical one that was stolen.

Lennon’s acoustic guitar was featured prominently in albums including “Please Please Me,” “Meet The Beatles,” and “A Hard Day’s Night,” as well as the movie, “Help!“George Martin and the Abbey Road crew got some marvelous results from that J 160E guitar,” marvels Cerphe.

J-160e Gibson Sale


The Gibson J-160E acoustic-electric guitar, first released in 1954, was made famous by artists such as The Beatles. The guitar’s brassy, high-output acoustic-electric sound combined with punchy, warm acoustic tone re-creates the sound that led a musical revolution in the ’60s. The Gibson J-160E features a solid Sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, trapezoid fingerboard inlays, single-coil magnetic pickup at the neck, and volume and tone controls. Includes Gibson hardshell case

So where does Martin fit into all of this john lennon gibson j160e, given they’re the granddaddy of American acoustic guitar builders? Four years after the J-160E hit the stores, Martin introduced their first acoustic/ electric flattop guitars with the D-18E and D-28E—electrified versions of the D-18 and D-28, respectively. Both variations featured two large DeArmond pickups and four knobs (one Volume and one Tone for each pickup) mounted on the soundboard. The construction of these guitars required ladder bracing similar to the J-160E, and the overall sound quality suffered because of it. Those who have seen these electric Martins know they were clunky, and large parts of the soundboard were removed for the pickups. Production of the D-18E lasted only two years and the D-28E was produced through 1964. There is little collector value with Martin’s first acoustic/ electrics—roughly half of the acoustic versions.

The J-160E will never replace any high-quality flattop acoustic in terms of sound, but as one of the first guitars to allow a player to use it acoustically and electrically, it succeeds wonderfully. Any guitar associated with the Beatles is a treasure in my book ,If you’re interested in exploring this subject further, check out Gibson’s Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars by Eldon Whitford, David Vinopal, and Dan Erlewine.

First released in 1954, the Gibson J-160E Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar was made famous by artists such as The Beatles. The J-160E guitar’s brassy, high-output acoustic-electric sound combined with punchy, warm acoustic tone accurately re-creates the sound that led a musical revolution in the ’60s. The Gibson J-160E guitar is equipped with a solid Sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, trapezoid fingerboard inlays, standard P90 pickup at the neck, and controls for volume and tone. Gibson includes a hardshell case with the acoustic-electric J-160E.I bought my J160E about 3 years ago.

ギブソン J-160e

ギブソン j-160e

基本的な構造は、同社の主力アコースティックギターであるJ-45と同じスタイルのボディに、同社製のエレクトリック・ギター用P-90ピックアップをフロントに取り付けた形となっている。 エレクトリックギターとして使用した時のハウリングを抑えるため、ボディ内部の力木はラダー・ブレイシング(J−45などはX−ブレイシング)を採用。また同じ理由で、初期のモデルでは単板だったボディトップも、すぐ合板に変更され、生鳴りを少なくする措置が施されている。このためアコースティック・ギターとしてのJ-160Eは、サドルの高さを簡単に調整できるアジャスタブル・ブリッジとも相まって、J−45などより音量も小さくサスティンも短い、独特の硬めの音色になっている。

ジョン・レノンとジョージ・ハリスンは、1963年にリヴァプールのラシュワース楽器店でお揃いのJ-160Eを入手。両名共、デビュー当初からステージ・スタジオの両方でJ-160Eを多用している。ビートルズの初期のアルバムで聴こえるアコースティックギターのほとんどがJ-160Eであり、「恋する二人」「ノルウェーの森」、また中期以降においても「ア・デイ・イン・ザ・ライフ」などでその特徴的な音色を聴くことが出来る。 エレクトリックとしても使われており、特に「アイ・フィール・ファイン」のイントロでは、フィードバックが起きやすいこのギターの特性を生かし、曲の一部として取り入れている。ポップ・ミュージックにおいて、フィードバックをレコードに使用した最も初期の例とされている。

2010年にはジョン・レノン生誕70周年記念として、ヘッドにジョンのサイン、指板の12フレットにジョンの誕生日が刻まれた限定モデルが発売された[1]。 ギブソンJ-160Eの廉価版として、エピフォンからJohn Lennon EJ-160E'[2]というジョン・レノン・シグネイチャーモデルも発売されている。

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If I wanted to get a J-160e that sounded like the Beatles recordings, how far would I have to go?

Obviously the new ones all have solid spruce tops. The Epiphone has laminated back and sides, and the Gibson has solid mahogany.The original guitar was ladder-braced, and I believe the modern ones are all X-braced.

I actually bought an EJ-160E in 2005 and returned it immediately because I didn’t think it sounded anything like the Beatles recordings. I’ve heard video demos of the Gibson, and, despite being constructed totally differently from the ones used in Beatles recordings, and being a nicer guitar, it did seem to sound like the recordings, but who knows.Is the modern Gibson J-160E simply a nice, nostalgic guitar? Or does it actually sound like the Beatles? Was I off-base when I thought the Epi version sounded nothing like the recordings?

(I’m aware John plugged his in for like one song (the beginning of I Feel Fine) and that it was mic’d otherwise. Sure sounds nice on the albums, though!)I don’t think I’ll ever buy one, at least not anytime soon, but it’s fun to dream!I also now realize John was using nickel wound strings, not our modern phosphor bronze.

Gibson makes a Beatles-spec J-160E without the Lennon Anniversary model price. Fuller’s Vintage Guitars in Houston special orders sunburst models. I think they are about $2600 street, but you should call them to see. A natural topped John Lennon Peace model is also available to most dealers for under 3K. Both models have the laminated top, ladder bracing, a P-90, adjustable bridge, and are short-scale. With nickel strings, they nail the sound you hear on Beatles’ records–which is like an acoustic guitar stuffed with socks, and a bit like an archtop when played through the pickup.

The J-160E Standard is the model that’s more widely available. It has a solid top, x-bracing, and fixed saddle in an effort to make it sound better acoustically.

Gibson J-160e


Seventy years after his birth and three decades after his untimely passing, John Lennon’s message of peace continues to touch the masses, and his songs still resonate in the hearts and minds of fans around the world. At the request of Yoko Ono, Gibson J-160e Guitar is proud to offer three 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E acoustic guitars to celebrate the legacy of this extraordinary artist. Accordingly, only a very limited number of these handmade acoustics will ever be available.

In 1962, John Lennon was still an up-and-coming artist, and though one of two main singer/songwriters at the heart of The Beatles, was scraping by on the little money the band was bringing in at that time. For his first quality American acoustic/electric guitar, Lennon had his sights set on a new gibson j160e standard – the problem was, he didn’t have the money to buy it. With the aid of a co-signed purchase from Beatles manager Brian Epstein (who also co-signed for bandmate George Harrison’s J-160E), Lennon made the guitar his own, and put it straight to the business of making rock and roll history. Recreated by the luthiers at Gibson’s Montana acoustic guitar facility in period-perfect detail, the 70th Anniversary John Lennon models are available in three distinct versions to represent the instrument at three periods in Lennon’s life and career. The first, finished in Vintage Sunburst and limited to 500 guitars, represents the guitar as it was when Lennon first acquired it and used it on several famous Beatles recordings from 1963 to ’64, including Please Please Me, With The Beatles and A Hard Day’s Night.

The second is a stunning Custom Shop “Imagine” model in a Soft White finish personally requested by Yoko Ono to reflect the sentiment of John’s life and music during the recording of Imagine. And the third is the model as it is today, on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, with a thin, natural finish and Lennon’s famous “John and Yoko” caricature sketches, representing the appearance of the guitar during the famous Lennon-Ono “Bed-In” peace protests of 1969.

The custom shop’s second and third renditions are limited to 70 guitars each, one for every year since John’s birth in 1940, and both include a special 70th Anniversary Certificate personally signed by Yoko Ono and sent to the final purchaser by Certified Mail. As for construction, each version is an accurate rendition of the J-160E of 1962, a guitar originally released in 1954 as one of the world’s first successful “electro-acoustic” guitars, with built-in pickup and electronics and ready to hit the stage for the professional performing musician. Beloved by Lennon, and kept close throughout his too-short life, the 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E is a guitar every Beatles fan will want to make their own.

The Gibson J-160E is one of the first acoustic-electric guitars produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation.