70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e

70th anniversary john lennon j-160e

John lennon plays greatest hits john lennon j160e-160e 70th, Dan wean covers john lennon’s greatest hits! gibson john lennon 70th anniversary j-160e sunburst (http://goo.gl/i2iwz) gibson john lennon 70th anniversary. 【池部楽器店】gibson 70th anniversary john lennon , ギブソン・アコースティック・ゼネラル・マネージャー、デニス・オブライエン氏と同社­営業部長ロビ・ジョンズ. john lennon j-160e peace | ebay – electronics, cars, fashion, Find great deals on ebay for gibson j-160e in acoustic electric guitar. shop with confidence.. Gibson, Gibson brands, inc., the world’s premier manufacturer of musical instruments and professional audio equipment.. 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e acoustic models 2009 – -200, Arlo guthrie lg-2 3/4: d.yoakam honky tonk deuce: elvis presley dove: elvis presley king of rock john lennon j-160e peace: l-200 emmylou harris: robert johnson l-1.

Gibson -160e 70th anniversary museum – thomann, Gibson j-160e 70th anniversary john lennon museum westerngitarre, round shoulder, fichten decke laminiert, boden & zargen mahagoni, multi-ply decken binding, single. クロサワ楽器 |70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e, Custom specifications 70th anniversary john lennon mop headstock signature 70th anniversary mop engraved 12th fret birth date of john lennon. Gibson guitars sale web – upated live – , Or browse these custom designs top 10 favorites. j 250 monarch guitar. john lennon 70th anniversary 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160emuseum. custom don felder “hotel california” 1959 les.

he recorded Seeger performing a new song with 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e about the spill, “God’s Counting On Me, God’s Counting On You,” aboard Seeger’s Hudson River sloop, “Clearwater,” and recently recorded another song associated with Seeger, “If I Had a Hammer,” sharing the vocals with Jardine.He’s also a professor at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, although Barone said the title’s a bit of an exaggeration.

“I teach stage presence, once a week, at NYU. It’s my neighborhood university,” he said. “I was really honored to be asked. The class is based on myblood Whenever Barone plays a new venue, he likes to work with a local band, which will back him on several songs during his set.

“The 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160e Bongos were an instant band,” Barone said. “Their songs are really great for a band to sink their teeth into. I’ll get together with a local group and we’ll go over the songs. It brings the house down every time. It’s also giving credit to the community. Why not showcase the great musicians in each location?”

Gibson J-160e John Lennon

gibson j160e john lennon

Barone: The last time I was guest editor of MAGNET, in 2010, I wrote an article about Gibson‘s digital Les Paul, the HD.6-X Pro, and their “technology” Gibson J-160e John Lennon guitars. Since then, they’ve released the Les Paul X, which has robot tuning and 55 amazing pre-set sounds you can edit right on the guitar, not to mention wireless Bluetooth effect pedals.

It is literally awe-some. But this year I’ve been out on the road a lot, playing solo in clubs and, getting down to basics, the guitar that gets me through every song every night is my Gibson J-160e John Lennon , John Lennon model. Originally released in 1954, the J-160E was one of the first “electro-acoustic” guitars with a built-in P-90 pickup (same as on my 1955 Les Paul Special) and a unique construction that doesn’t allow for the same kind of resonance and vibration as a “normal” acoustic guitar, to avoid feedback. It’s tighter, with ladder bracing behind the top, and sounds more like an electric guitar. Maybe it’s because of my love of misfit instruments, but I love this  Gibson J-160e John Lennon guitar. It’s only recently I realized that on the early Beatles records, John and George are often playing these instruments plugged into Vox amps, not necessarily the electrics I imagined.

And John played Gibson J-160e John Lennon for the entire Beatles career, from 1962 on. The same guitar, even on his first solo single, “Give Peace A Chance” (he had it sanded down from its original sunburst finish). The guitar uses a primitive electronic set up really, not remotely high-tech or modern. When I do my soundcheck, sound dude often has to fiddle with the tone; the J-160 seems to be both brighter and darker than a normal Gibson J-160e John Lennon guitar. I play through an amp onstage plus give him a direct signal to work with, so there is a lot of sound, and by showtime, the thing rocks like a monster. Sound dude is blown away. Just me and my J-160E, and the sound fills the house. I couldn’t do that with any other guitar.
Sometime in 1962, George Harrison and John Lennon each purchased a J-160E’s at the same time at Rushworth’s Music Store in Whitechapel, Liverpool. Since John did not have enough money to afford his Gibson J-160e John Lennon, he asked Brian Epstein,the Beatles manager, to co-sign for the purchase.

In the end Epstein paid for both John and George’s Gibson J-160e John Lennon guitars. These guitars were often used early in The Beatles career both on stage, in the studio and in the Beatles movies.In 1967, Lennon decided to have an artist paint his J-160E with a psychedelic scene. Then in 1969 for whatever reason, he decided to strip the paint on the guitar and give it a natural finish.

gibson john lennon j-160e

gibson john lennon j-160e_

Jim Irsay’s current spending spree isn’t limited to bringing free-agent football players to Indianapolis.Three weeks after buying a 1954 electric gibson john lennon j-160e guitar originally owned and designed by Les Paul, Irsay spent $530,000 for a guitar once owned by John Lennon.

The Colts owner of gibson john lennon j-160e pursued the orange 1963 Gretsch hollow-bodied model for several years. Lennon, who played the guitar during the 1966 recording session for chart-topping Beatles hit “Paperback Writer,” gave the instrument to his cousin, David Birch, in 1967.

In this 2014 photo, Jim Irsay holds the john lennon j-160e peace played by Bob Dylan at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. Seen in the case behind Irsay is Jerry Garcia’s “Tiger” guitar. (Photo: Michelle Pemberton / The Star)  Greenwood native Christopher McKinney, caretaker for Irsay’s collection of historic gibson john lennon j-160e guitars, befriended Birch and counts the Liverpool resident as a valued memorabilia consultant.

“Jim is a huge Beatles fan,” McKinney told The Star in 2013. “Anything that comes up Beatles that’s guitar related, we usually wind up getting.”McKinney predicted that Lennon’s Gretsch gibson john lennon j-160e would be offered at auction, which happened in November 2014. But when the guitar failed to reach its $600,000 reserve, Birch called off the auction overseen by England’s Tracks Ltd.

Richard Barone is an example to all of us who get trapped in our daily grind. He seems to be the perpetual glass-half-full kind of guy. He admits he feels pretty much the same way he did 30 years ago when Barone on lead vocals and guitar along with bassist Rob Norris and drummer Frank Giannini gave birth to the Bongos, a wonderful, jangly power-pop combo that could light up any room with its overflowing energy.

It’s difficult to believe that their new album with gibson john lennon j-160e, Phantom Train (Jem), is not really new at all. With guitarist James Mastro added to the band, it was cut in 1985 and 1986 and has languished on the shelf ever since. Barone has also kindly agreed to serve as guest editor for magnetmagazine.com all week. Read our brand new Q&A with him.



Gibso N J-160e John Lennon

Gibso N J-160e John Lennon

Seventy years after his birth and three decades after his untimely passing, Gibso N J-160e John Lennon‘s message of peace continues to touch the masses, and his songs still resonate in the hearts and minds of fans around the world. At the request of Yoko Ono, Gibson Guitar is proud to offer three 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E acoustic guitars to celebrate the legacy of this extraordinary artist. Accordingly, only a very limited number of these handmade acoustics will ever be available.

In 1962, John Lennon was still an up-and-coming artist, and though one of two main singer/songwriters at the heart of The Beatles, was scraping by on the little money the band was bringing in at that time. For his first quality American acoustic/electric guitar, Lennon had his sights set on a new Gibson J-160E – the problem was, he didn’t have the money to buy it. With the aid of a co-signed purchase from Beatles manager Brian Epstein (who also co-signed for bandmate George Harrison’s J-160E), Lennon made the guitar his own, and put it straight to the business of making rock and roll history. Recreated by the luthiers at Gibson’s Montana acoustic guitar facility in period-perfect detail, the 70th Anniversary John Lennon models are available in three distinct versions to represent the instrument at three periods in Lennon’s life and career. The first, finished in Vintage Sunburst and limited to 500 guitars, represents the guitar as it was when Lennon first acquired it and used it on several famous Beatles recordings from 1963 to ’64, including Please Please Me, With The Beatles and A Hard Day’s Night.

The second is a stunning Custom Shop “Imagine” model in a Soft White finish personally requested by Yoko Ono to reflect the sentiment of John’s life and music during the recording of Imagine. And the third is the model as it is today, on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, with a thin, natural finish and Lennon’s famous “John and Yoko” caricature sketches, representing the appearance of the guitar during the famous Lennon-Ono “Bed-In” peace protests of 1969.

The custom shop’s second and third renditions are limited to 70 guitars each, one for every year since John’s birth in 1940, and both include a special 70th Anniversary Certificate personally signed by Yoko Ono and sent to the final purchaser by Certified Mail. As for construction, each version is an accurate rendition of the J-160E of 1962, a guitar originally released in 1954 as one of the world’s first successful “electro-acoustic” guitars, with built-in pickup and electronics and ready to hit the stage for the professional performing musician. Beloved by Lennon, and kept close throughout his too-short life, the 70th Anniversary John Lennon J-160E is a guitar every Beatles fan will want to make their own.

John Lennon Gibson Acoustic

John Lennon Gibson Acoustic

As a purely the John Lennon Gibson Acoustic , the Gibson J-160E isn’t really a contender – even though it probably sounds better than some of the original models – but as an investment for John Lennon fans and collectors, it could be an essential acquisition.“To say how proud I am of these new John Lennon Anniversary guitars is a huge understatement,” said Henry Juszkiewicz Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “The legacy that John Lennon has given music fans around the world is unprecedented and the friendship Gibson continues with Yoko Ono is demonstrated in these remarkable instruments that are in tribute to arguably one of the world’s greatest musicians.”

One of the coolest things about the J-15-and J-29 is that they represent genuine alternatives—not only to traditional round-shoulder Gibsons, but to each other. Rockers and bluegrass pickers itching to be heard over that dude with the pre-war D-28 will love the J-29’s high-mid presence, volume, and seemingly infinite headroom. Fingerstylists, moodier singer/songwriters, and recording guitarists will love the J-15’s dynamic breadth and dry, husky tone. Dyed-in-the-wool slope-shoulder Gibson devotees who savor the sonic nuances of vintage J-45s and Southern Jumbos may not love either guitar (though I suspect they’d favor the woody mellowness of the J-15). But the bottom line is that Gibson has expanded the sonic range of one the most attractive acoustic body shapes ever conceived.

At $1,500 bucks for the J-15 and $2,250 for the J-29 (yes, good rosewood is very expensive these days, darling), the guitars are destined to duke it out with many other excellent guitars in this competitive price bracket. But these unique and wonderful-sounding instruments seem destined to carve a niche all their own.

The Gibson J-160E is one of the first ever acoustic-electric guitar models. The first Gibson electric acoustic is attributed to Lloyd Loar although Gibson thought it was a bad idea at the time.Loar had experimented with acoustic electric guitars back in the 1920’s when he worked at Gibson and later with his own company, Vivi-tone.
Most of us have probably played acoustic guitar into a microphone. This works great in a studio setting as it picks up the guitars natural sounds. However in live performance, it can be a problem.

The microphone may pick up other instrument sounds leaking into the mic. Your guitar may bump the mic stand resulting in a non-pleasing sound and the soundman being knocked off his stool.

Plus your movement is restricted. You have to stand directly in front of the microphone.In 1951 Gibson was aware of these issues and to solve the problem created a guitar called the CF-100E. This guitar was a small bodied instrument with an ingenious single pickup at the base of the fretboard.


Gibson John Lennon Acoustic

gibson john lennon acoustic

On October 9, 2010, John Lennon would have been 70 years old. To celebrate the occasion, Gibson partnered with Yoko Ono to release three new acoustic guitars. Made by the luthiers at Gibson’s Montana acoustic guitar facility, the Lennon guitars represent three periods of the musicians life and career.

The first guitar is a Vintage Sunburst that Lennon used in 1963 and 1964 to record “Please Please Me,” “With The Beatles” and “A Hard Day’s Night.” Lennon couldn’t afford to buy the original guitar and had to get a loan from Beatles manager Brian Epstein. I’m glad he did.

The John Lennon J-160VS includes a 70th Anniversary John Lennon MOP signature on the headstock, a 1960′s laminated Sitka Spruce Top, mahogany back and sides, the classic vintage Sunburst lacquer finish, Jumbo 1960′s Frets, Gibson P-90 pickups, an historic adjustable bridge and a 70th Anniversary MOP engraved 12th Fret birthdate of John Lennon. Gibson is making 500 of these guitars and it will sell for $4,728.

The John Lennon “Imagine” guitar was requested by Yoko “to reflect the sentiment of John’s life and music during the recording of Imagine.” This white model includes an anniversary John Lennon Abalone headstock signature, 70th Anniversary MOP engraved 12th fret birthdate of Lennon, 1960s laminated Sitka Spruce top, historic Gibson Ladder bracing pattern, Mahogany back and sides, Jumbo 1960′s Frets, historic adjustable bridge, Gibson authentic P-90 pickups and a custom hardshell case.

The third model has a natural finish and has Lennon’s famous “John and Yoko” caricature sketches, representing the appearance of the guitar during the famous Lennon-Ono “Bed-In” peace protests of 1969. The original model is on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

The Gibson Acoustic Lennon Museum J-160E model includes a Gibson Custom Shop Label Personally Signed by Yoko Ono, Authentic Recreation of John Lennon’s Bed‐In Caricature Sketch, 70th Anniversary John Lennon MOP Headstock Signature, 70th Anniversary MOP Engraved 12th Fret Birth Date of John Lennon, Label Personally Signed by Yoko Ono, 1960’s Laminated Sitka Spruce Top, Historic Gibson Ladder bracing Pattern, Mahogany Back & Sides, Custom Thin Lacquer Finish, Jumbo 1960’s Frets, Historic Adjustable Bridge, Gibson Authentic P‐90 Pickup and a Gibson Custom Shop Hardshell case.

The Imagine and Museum guitars are limited to 70 guitars each — one for each year since Lennon’s birth. The Imagine guitar will sell for $10,748 and the Museum guitar will sell for $15,048.

Gibson J160e John Lennon

gibson j160e john lennon

local traders say the traveling shows are risky and not likely to yield the best prices.Roger Brown, co-owner of R&T Antiques in Queensbury, said customers do better when they visit bricks-and-mortar stores run by people with a stake in the community.

He said the out-of-state event has presented misleading advertisements to the public and is undervaluing items.Asked about the negative characterizations of his company, Overholser said, “The perception is that we are a fly-by-night company in town doing this, and a lot of the local businesses are upset. Nobody is obligated to sell something. The evaluation is absolutely free.”He said customers are welcome to get second opinions, and he invited local dealers to come in and check out the operation of Gibson J160e John Lennon .On Wednesday morning, customers trickled into the hotel with coins, jewelry and collectibles.

Bob Marcotte, of Corinth, brought in a Gibson John Lennon J160E from 1969 in its original case. A longtime guitar collector and trader, he said he has encountered scam artists before and always researches the value of the item before selling. Marcotte was hoping to get about $3,000 for his guitar.He was still waiting on a price when his wife, Ruby, was quoted about $400 for a pile of silver and gold jewelry.”Because I haven’t done this before, I’ll get a second estimate,” she said.Later on Wednesday, Marcotte told The Post-Star he turned down Ohio Valley’s $1,500 offer on the guitar and a $250 offer on a vintage banjo he valued at upward of $2,000.”I’ve been doing this for 20 years,” he said. “Obviously these people are not even close.”As for his wife’s jewelry, the couple received a similar quote from a local store and were paid in cash; Ohio Valley had offered to write them a check.

Local gold traders say the best way to ensure an accurate price for valuables is to get multiple opinions. Sellers are also encouraged to have an idea of what their item is worth before they get an estimate.Putting a price on antiques can involve research onlineusing sites like eBay. With precious metals, the market price is listed daily on sites like kitco.com.Dealers say pure gold nets the consumer up to 95 percent of the value, whereas mixed jewelry realizes less money because refining expenses have to be factored in. The value of antiques can vary, according to Brown, because buyers might not be immediately available, while gold can always be sold.Brown said customers should be cautious when all their jewelry is thrown on the scale together without accounting for different carats.Dyer recommended customers deal with a bonded company and also endorsed local buyers over out-of-state businesses because dealing locally makes it easier to follow up on concerns.He noted that Warren County has reporting requirements for the sale of coins and jewelry that local stores must follow.

Gibson J160e John Lennon

gibson j160e john lennon

Julien’s Auctions has announced the Icons & Idols: Rock n’ Roll auction event to take place on Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills gallery located at 9665 Wilshire Blvd. The auction will feature hundreds of items from the life and careers of some of music’s biggest artists including The Beatles, U2, Chris Martin, The Grateful Dead, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Todd Rundgren, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Kurt Cobain, Heart, Mick Jagger, James Brown, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Cher, Prince, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis and even a bit of Liberace and many more.

Highlights of the Icons & Idols: Rock n’ Roll event include an impressive collection of rare and stage/studio used guitars that are worthy of a Grammy Award winning performance. The collection includes Bono’s signed and played “Irish Falcon” Gretsch guitar (Estimate: $20,000-$30,000), U2’s the Edge studio used guitar (Estimate: $60,000-$80,000), Chris Martin stage played guitar (Estimate: $6,000-$8,000), a Todd Rundgren stage played Italia guitar (Estimate: $600-$800), Stephen Stills Gibson J200 Guitar (Estimate: $18,000-$20,000), David Bowie’s stage used Takamine 12-string guiar (Estimate: $20,000-$30,000), a set of three John Lennon Inspired limited edition J-160E Gibson guitars (Estimate: $20,000-$30,000), a Prince Love Symbol guitar (Estimate: $10,000-$15,000), Elvis Presley’s NBN stage used acoustic guitar (Estimate: $30,000-$40,000) and many more.

Other auction highlights include the Collection of Ann & Nancy Wilson of the mega-rock-band Heart, The Collection of Madonna and The Collection of Naomi Judd. In addition the Icons & Idols: Rock n’ Roll will offer collectors the chance to own a piece of rock n’ roll history as Julien’s Auctions offers items including an Alton Kelly Mickey Hart “Rolling Thunder” Grateful Dead cover art (Estimate: $8,000-$10,000 ), Todd Rundgren’s original album figural art (Estimate: $100-$300), Rick Griffin Adventure of Griffin and Stoner cartoon (Estimate $200-$400), John Cash handwritten lyrics (Estimate: $800-$1,200), Led Zeppelin signed Led Zeppelin vinyl cover (Estimate: $12,000-$14,000), Jimi Hendrix Gered Mankowitz print ($5,000-$7,000), a Kurt Cobain stage worn shirt (Estimate: $3,000-$5,000), Mick Jagger’s performance production files (Estimate: $4,000-$6,000 ), Mile Davis Maxfield Custom leather motorcycle jacket (Estimate: $5,000-$7,000) and the Godfather of Soul James Brown’s red sequined cape (Estimate: $3,000-$5,000).

Beatles memorabilia to be offered includes a Beatles signed receipt (Estimate:$8,000-$10,000 ), a Beatles “Diana Dors” wax bust from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hears Club Band album cover (Estimate: $50,000-$70,000), a Beatles signed Valex image (Estimate: $12,000-$15,000), John Lennon’s spectacles ($20,000-$40,000) and a signed Gibson J160e John Lennon and Yoko Ono calendar ($4,000-$6,000). Many other items from the Fab Four will be offered during the two day rock n’ roll auction event.

John Lennon Gibson

john lennon gibson

1962 John Lennon Gibson acoustic/electric, sunburst finish. Lennon and Harrison each bought one of these “jumbo” models (price: £161) in Rushworth’s Music House in Liverpool on 10 September 1962 (shown at right with guitar/amp department manager Bob Hobbs). Mersey Beat, in the caption from its photo commemorating the event, noted the guitars were “the only ones of their type in the country — which were specially flown to England by jet from America.”

This was probably hyperbole, as they’d taken two months to arrive after being special-ordered. (Additionally, these photos may have been taken a few days after the sale, for they already sport straps and smudges.) These john lennon gibson guitar Gibsons were used on the 11 September recordings of “Love Me Do,” but those tracks sound nearly identical to the earlier takes of those songs, which tends to confirm an earlier purchase date. Lennon’s J-160 E was used through the Please, Please Me sessions, then stolen during the ’63 Christmas show at the Finsbury Park Astoria Theatre, London. (Pity poor Malcolm Evans, who had to break the news to Lennon.) By this time, however, Lennon and Harrison had gotten their identical guitars mixed up, so it was the one registered to Harrison that disappeared.

The J-160E will never replace any high-quality flattop acoustic in terms of sound, but as one of the first John Lennon Gibson guitars to allow a player to use it acoustically and electrically, it succeeds wonderfully. Any guitar associated with the Beatles is a treasure in my book!

If you’re interested in exploring this subject further, check out Gibson’s Fabulous Flat-Top John Lennon Gibson Guitars by Eldon Whitford, David Vinopal, and Dan Erlewine. Lennon bought this to replace the above guitar, even though he often used Harrison’s for recording. It was first used in concert in Montreal on 8 September 1964 and served as a backup for the ’65 world tours. Except for an extra rosette around the sound hole — and a visible orange label inside — it was identical to his first J-160E, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long.